Baron – ‘Columns’

“Columns is full of shaded space, the keyboards taint everything a deep, dark blue while saxes rise nomadically from the murk like Terry Riley’s pink elephants. It’s deep hued and heavy of brow and paces forward steadily rather than breaking into a gallop. That Baron hail from Brighton feels right: the album sounds like a stumble down the seafront during twilight – during the creaking hour – with a heavy heart, as a bottle of Lucozade turns into a magic wand in your hands.” – theQuietus

“…a cave of such beauty that it hurt to think of it laying, underground, all this time.  Sometimes you just want to be sung to in a voice that sounds like waves and sunshine. Sometimes you wish for that episode of Miami Vice where Crockett & Tubbs spend the entire episode sat on the Porsche, watching David Byrne perform on a street corner to no one. Sometimes Vangelis in his New Age pomp is exactly what you want to hear.” – 20jazzfunkgreats

“The “prog-ness” of Columns is not that of Rush, but of A Love Supreme. Columns is an album with movements, with the willingness to slow down before the cloudbursts and with the maturity to restrain the explosions so that the vocals can keep their chanting consistent enough to guide you through the voyage. Visually, it’s a misty record; all the places it takes you to are subtly obfuscated through a UK haze. The nightfalls are sitting on hilltops looking at the village below; the sunrises are made diffuse by non-threatening fogs. It’s an album that makes you feel like you’ve woken up to a non-day, the kind of day where you never feel 100% present and your to-do list lacks its usual importance.” – Secret Decoder

Alex Crispin – Vocals, Guitars, Synth, Percussion, Field Recording
Luke Foster – Drums, Synth, Percussion
Peter Evan – Bass, Percussion, Bicycle
Blue Firth – Organ, Synth, Vocals
Nicholas Whittaker – Clarinet, Horn, Vocals
Ross Hossack – Synth

Recorded & Produced by Alex Crispin
Mastered by Carl Saff & Jamie Harrow
Released by Parlion Records