Baron – ‘Torpor’

“Fitting into the same countercultural pastoral vein as Ben Wheatley’s ‘A Field In England’, Baron also conjure a rather less esoteric North American tradition. By alternating beefy amplified riffing with folk harmonies, Alex Crispin and company summon the sprawl of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, condensing an entire discography, from the acoustic pop of ‘Harvest; to the incendiary roar of Weld, into a single disc.” – The Wire

“There are a select few albums that seem to create and inhabit a micro-environment of their own. For want of a better description, there’s an extra-auditory presence when you play them, something beyond just the words and music coming out of the speakers. I’ve had Baron’s Torpor in my possession for a few months, and I now realise that I’ve been sub-consciously rationing my plays of this album, not because it hasn’t grabbed my attention, but because I don’t want to break its spell.” – The Quietus

“Dragging itself out of a some celestial marsh — all fog and stars — the song slowly makes its way towards civilisation, one enormous squelching footstep at a time. And by civilisation we mean a 13th century dwelling teetering between worlds. And when it gets there it does not knock but stands at the threshold with fire licking across its skin. It glances at the ghosts of all that have lived there and all that will. It’s at this point that the sky rips in two.” – 20jazzfunkgreats

“Post-rock and Krautrock-influenced melodies droning to hypnotic effect, the vocals coming across as an incantation, and the drums set as a heartbeat.” – Classic Rock

Alex Crispin – Vocals, Guitars, Electric Piano, Percussion
Luke Foster – Drums, Organ, Percussion
Peter Evan – Bass
Blue Firth – Organ, Synth, Vocals
Joe Hollick – Guitar

Recorded & Produced by Alex Crispin
Mastered by Jamie Gomez Arellano
Released by Svart Records