• Escape the Dark Castle – Soundtrack

    Original Soundtrack to the game ‘Escape the Dark Castle’ published by Themeborne.

    Freedom is Death / Endless Dark / Cult Procession / The Hell Tower / Buried Alive / Your Journey Ends Here

    “Eerie drones and ambient sounds, make you instantly aware of the dark, damp dungeon around you. The threat is looming and intensely oppressing as the first song starts. Dark, long tracks, like ‘Endless Dark’ and ‘Cult Procession’ imbibe your experience with the inescapability of the situation you find yourself in. Trapped in the prison with only one thing left to do: to escape. With this soundtrack, you absolutely know how thrilling a game can be if the vibe and story are right.”– Stranger Aeons

    Recorded & Produced by Alex Crispin: Casio CZ-1000, Casio SK-200, Effects, Dungeon Noises
    Tom Pike: Dungeon Noises


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  • BBC – ‘David Attenborough Meets President Obama’

    Music included in BBC One programme ‘David Attenborough Meets President Obama’

    On his 89th birthday, David Attenborough talks to President Obama about his career, his recent record-breaking dive on the Great Barrier Reef and issues facing the natural world.

  • RSC – ‘Be Prepared’

    Sound design and composition for ‘Be Prepared’ a play by Ian Bonar. From research and development stage at the Royal Shakespeare Company through to the play’s premiere at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 for Underbelly.

    Written & Performed by Ian Bonar
    Directed by Rob Watt

    ★★★★ – The Stage
    ★★★★ – Edinburgh Guide
    ★★★★ – Broadway Baby: ‘The set is minimal, and there are few props to speak of. The sound and lighting design, though potent, is also rationed. We are left, then, entirely undistracted from Bonar’s virtuoso performance, which moves through anguish, jollity, horror — through the whole confusing gamut of bereavement — with total credibility. It’s a magnetic, unforgettable turn in this sometimes hilarious, often uncomfortable, always gripping portrait of a grief-stricken mind.’

  • Kakuma’s Kids

    Kakuma’s Kids give their account of Kakuma Refugee camp, a camp that has welcomed many nationalities of Africa and developed into an important part of Kakuma, a small town in Northwestern Kenya.

    Director, Camera, Editor – Ross Casswell / Producer – Tania Campbell-Golding / Score – Alex Crispin

    *Official Selection Liverpool Lift Off Film Festival*
    *Official Selection Aldeburgh Documentary Festival*
    *Official Selection Suffolk Film Festival*

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  • Sophie Michael – ‘Early Bird’

    Score for ‘Early Bird’ film by Sophie Michael, commissioned by Northern Film & Media

    “I have decided to set the story in 1965, because I want the film to take place during a period during the 20th century that is close enough for me to have a relationship with but no actual experience of; but that is also far enough after WW2 for this not to be in the lived memory of the ten year old lead. My parents’ generations were children in the 1960s, so there is no shortage of brains to pick. My next door neighbour recalled watching the launch of a satellite nicknamed the Early Bird at Easter time that year as a child on a home-made television, and I saw the promise of a story; what would a world of live television and communications mean to a disconnected child of that ‘space-age’?”

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  • ‘Technophilia & The Corrupt Body’

    Sound design for ‘Requiem for A Body’ by Soomi Park with Koby Barhad for Technophilia and the Corrupt Body at the Menier Gallery

    “Requiem for A Body illustrates life of body after death. The project explores an often-neglected process in this extended existence – physical decomposition. The work is a collection of four musical instruments that are based on quantifying and exploiting the dynamics of human decomposition. We suggest to look at this ‘in-between’ period in our life to question how ‘alive’ we still are after we clinically ‘die’.”

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  • ‘Grand Prix De Monaco Historique’

    A film for Credit Suisse. Grand Prix De Monaco hosts legendary cars that should arguably be preserved in a museum.

    Producer – Matt Sills / Director – Ross Casswell / Cinematography – Sam Edmonds / Score – Alex Crispin

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