Eero Koivistoinen – ‘Labyrinth’

Mixing unreleased takes from the original multitrack tapes for cult Finnish jazz record ‘Labyrinth’, reissued on Svart Records.

“For this heavy duty reissue of Koivistoinen’s 1977 album we went back to the original multitrack tapes and discovered a heap of alternate takes that were left unmixed at the time. Koivistoinen selected the best and most interesting alternate versions of each track and a new, fresh mix was prepared specifically for this release.”

Original Album:
A1. Stress (6:05)   A2. Honky Tonky (2:56)   A3. Aarabeski (7:38)   A4. Spring Song (5:15)   B1. Labyrinth part I (4:02)   B2. Labyrinth part II (2:46)   B3. Labyrinth part III (5:23)   B4. Yksi Ruusu On Kasvanut Laaksossa (7:43)

Alternate Takes:
C1. Stress (6:07) take 1 – master   C2. Honky Tonky (3:03) take 2 – alternate   C3. Aarabeski (7:32) take 1 – alternate   C4. Spring Song (5:08) take 4 – alternate   D1. Labyrinth part I (5:05) take 1 – alternate   D2. Labyrinth part II (2:42) take 1 – alternate (without overdubbed second saxophone)   D3. Labyrinth part III (5:31) take 1 – alternate   D4. Yksi Ruusu On Kasvanut Laaksossa (7:31) take 2 – alternate

E1. Meat & Potatoes (5:28) – take 1
F1. Meat & Potatoes (4:59) – take 3

Available to purchase here