Open Submission

Open Submission / Ohko / Pharoah / Rosewater / Cleater / St. Stephens

“As the follow-up to his deep, emotional ‘Idle Worship’ release on Sounds of the Dawn, Alex Crispin’s Open Submission, with the title track streaming below, is a masterful stroke of restrained ambient guitar and synths. The tune submerses you in its washed out, melancholy atmosphere. I want to be here all the time, let me tell you!” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“As most nu-new age musicians, Alex Crispin is not married to his new age prodecessors aesthetics or closed loop comidifcation of spirituality. His compositions, especially on “Rosewater” are big-hearted works that utilze elements of ambient music and drone to create transportive set-pieces and aural soundscapes that don’t require that you exit through the gift shop.” – Tome to the Weather Machine

Stream of the Crop – Noisey

Recorded & Produced by Alex Crispin: Oberheim Matrix-1000, Pipe Organ (on St. Stephens), Rhodes Piano, Casio 1000p, Electric Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Akai AX60

Part of the Spring Batch released on Constellation Tatsu